New Year Holiday in Aruba

We spent the passing of the new year into the new milenium in Aruba with Lydia and
Peter's family and Mom.

All the cousins gathered together with Great Grandma.  From left to right, Christopher,
Ryan, Nicole, Stephanie, and Maya.

Great Grandma with Robin and Pete's baby, Maya.

Uncle Peter brought a kiddie pool for Maya's use, and after he blew it up, the kids promptly
jumped into it.

The Cheung and Lum cousins in a row.  Left to right: Ryan and Nicole, Karina, Stephanie and Maya , Kara and Christopher .

We grew up nine cousins together.  Here are six of us.  Only the Than
cousins absent.

The six cousins and their families.

The Cheung family portrait, just before Maya's christening.

At Maya's christening in the Methodist Church of Aruba.


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