Digital Photography

The Canon Powershot S300

Photo from Canon's web site.

This camera was purchased from for $390 on 1/10/02.  I also splurged and purchased a 256Mbyte storage card for $200.  The main reason I selected this one was the good reviews, and that it was the smallest zoom camera available.  I realized with the Olympus (below) that portability was extremely useful.  During the SM3B mission, I could put the S300 in my pocket and take candid snap shots at any time.  It also offers the ability to shoot short (10sec) movies with sounds, and has software to create QuickTime VR files for panoramic 360 degree walk-arounds of the facilities at the Kennedy Space Center.

This file can be converted to QuickTime VR format for distortion-free views of the room.  Full Size (1.2 Mbyte).

The resolution of the camera is about 2.1 Mega Pixel.  This is far from the largest on the market, but since my main use for the camera will be this web site, larger images are not needed.  I usually end up shrinking the resolution to save space on the web server.


The Olympus D-220L

Oly 220.

I purchased this digital camera from Multiwave Direct for $246 on 9/2/98. I had previously done a lot of browsing for reviews and the best price. The Olympus offered one of the best image in its class and it had the feature set I was looking for. For more info, go to the Olympus site at the bottom of this page.

I had previously used my Dad's Canon EOS Rebel, but I needed a way of quickly verifying the image while using it for the HOST mission.  I also used this camera in my PIC Web Cam.

Family room 320x240.Family room 640x480
Sample Image:our family room, these are the two image sizes of camera.
320 x 240 (left) and 640 x 480 high compression (right).

Royal Towers
The camera has a panorama mode shown here.
This is a 360 view of the condo we lived in while at KSC.
Full size

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