2013 Cheung Family Trip to France

The entire group of 13 goes to France

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Day 8.  Seeing Chartre and return to Paris
chartres cathedral
The next day we left the Loire valley to return to Paris.  On the way there we visited the Chartres Cathedral.  Our first view of it is shrouded by fog and mist.

View from the inside of the main front window.  There is extensive use of the color blue, and since it was very expensive back then, it really stood out as an innovation of this cathedral.

The most amazing part of this cathedral the enormous monumental screen around the choir.  It consists of a intricately carved wall.  The detail is amazing.

grumpy knight
You have all heard of grumpy cat?  Well this is..... you guessed it.

eiffel tower
Coming into Paris we are greeted with the sight of the Eiffel Tower.

We decided to participate in the optional tour of Le Louvre, and here is our starting point at the inverted pyramid that is prominently featured in the closing part of Da Vinci Code.

It would take days to see this huge museum, so we got a whirlwind tour.

Here with the famous Venus de Milo.

It was really crowded, but we decided to push our way in to see the Mona.

Coronation of Napoleon.  Can you see the difference between this and a copy that hangs in Versailles?

This is the copy that hangs in Versailles.  What is the difference?  Good luck finding it.

This beautiful sculpture was a favorite of many queens.

After the Louvre, we spent a few hours walking around Paris looking for souvenirs, and we found some including this T-shirt commemorating the 100th Tour de France for 25 Euro.

Day 9.  Departure back to Boston
All good things must come to an end, and so we conclude this amazing vacation with our trip back to Boston.

Our flight back to Boston was a big Jumbo.

One delicacy we enjoyed in France was macaroons.  The best are supposedly from
Laduree.  They were 2 Euro each ($2.6), and the size of a large walnut.  They
are very good, but also very expensive.

Good bye France.  I thought the people were much friendlier than expected, and it was very enjoyable.  I hope to return one day.

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