Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Colorado

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Day 14

After viewing the launch of STS-135 on 7/8, they took a ride up Ridge Road
in the Rocky Mtn National Park toward Alpine visitor center.

They thought that they had seen a lot of snow before, but then they
saw this wall of snow.  Wow.

It was an amazing sight.  They saw elk, snow filled mountains,
many waterfalls, and had good weather.

Don't you eat that snow!

They saw elk grazing on the side of the mountain.

They were at the same level of the snowline on the other mountains.

They made it to the Alpine Visitor Center, where it was very cold before
heading back down to their next appointment. 

They then descended the mountain and went horse back riding at
the Cowpoke Corner Corral.

Agnes felt really scared, but the kids were fine with the experience.

Stephanie is here on Oki, who was very lazy in the beginning, and
had to be coaxed with many "C'mon Oki".  But when it came time
to head back home, he was eager to pass everyone.

Agnes was on Rascal, and he kept bothering Nino and not keeping his
distance back like he was supposed to.

Ali here taking a nap.  Compare (and click) with the one below.

In Estes park at the river.  This is the same shot we have taken in the past.  See below.

Estes 2006
2006 version of this image.  Click for full size.

2002 version
2002 version of this image.  Click for full size.

After they took the Estes Park pictures, they had their farewell dinner at
the Wapiti Restaurant.  This means 'Elk' in Ute Indian language.

Day 15
They departed from Colorado on 7/9 very early in the morning.
This is one of the final images shot in the state.

It was an amazing two weeks in a beautiful state accompanied by precious family members.  We enjoyed some amazing sights and sites as you can see from these
pages, and will not forget Colorado.

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