Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Colorado

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Day 12

On 7/6, they visited the Celestial Seasonings Factory in Boulder.

These were the tickets for the tour.  They were tea bags.

Suiting up for the tour.  They felt highly fashionable.
(Mom's thought: Good thing I do not look as silly as that woman).

Views of the processing machinery.  The highlight was the pepermint room,
where you felt your sinuses clear completely.

That night, they stayed at my Mom's favorite cabins: The Lazy R Cottages.

They had a homecooked pasta dinner on the deck of the cottage, and they
played Uno while waiting for dinner.

The view on the deck was spectacular.  This was helped by the fact that the cottage
was elevated amongst the other ones.

They roasted marshmellows in the fireplace, but it got real smokey  8-).

Day 13

On 7/7, the group visited Alberta Falls.

Agnes took a hike by herself up Nymph Lake and Dream Lake.  The others were
tired of the long hike.  She was the only one to see snow on this hike.

They went fishing for their dinner at Trout Haven Ranch.

To everyone's surprise, Christopher was the first to catch a fish, and
he did it with a net.  After that, there was a long hour and a half
trout drought with no fish caught.

We all tried snagging the second fish.

Mom caught no less than two fish that day.

They could see the fish swimming around the bait, but none were
cooperative.  Until Ah Mah, and others snagged a few.

In the end, they caught seven large fish, and they were happy.  It took
several hours of fun.

This was the person cleaning the fish and preparing them.
It was near dusk by the time they were done.

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