Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Colorado

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Day 10 - Fourth of July

The next day, we went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.

View of the dunes while driving up to it.  It was amazing seeing the white dunes
amongst the brown and green Sangre de Cristo mountains surrounding them.

This diorama shows the position of the dunes amongst the
mountain range.  This pocket and the prevailing winds
accumulates the sand in this small spot.

Some of the dunes are 700 feet tall.

It was really hot, so we only climbed a small one.  We brought along a winter
sled, just as others did too, and tried to slide down the sand, but we
(and no one else either) were able to slide down.

Conquering the hill was a great achievement (well not really).

Emblem at the front monument.

After the Great Dunes, we were recommended to visit Zapata Falls.

We found a very small and light walking stick.

Here, near the top of the trail by the falls.

We finally reach the falls after a small climb and
wade into the freezing cold waters.

This is in the Residence Inn where we spent the night.  The kids are here
in the middle of their Uno game.

Day 11
The next day (7/5), we travelled back to Denver, and I took a flight to Florida for the launch of STS-135.  The rest of the team continued onto Boulder and Estes Park.

After dropping me off, the group strolled through Bolder's Pearl Street.  It was a rainy afternoon, and they did not shoot many pictures.

After arrival at Boulder, they had dinner
at the Dushanbe Tea House.

The restaurant has intricate carvings and the food was excellent.

That night, they stayed at the Boulder Outlook Hotel.

These sunflowers reminded us of our previous visit to Colorado when
we saw acres of them.

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