Summer of 2011

Cheung Family trip to Colorado

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Day 6

The next day (6/30), we had a nice breakfast by the river.  Awesome!

We then went to the Morrow Point Boat Tour trail head and hiked down
the canyon.

The Curecanti National Park has some very beautiful views.

We used life vests to board the boat.  Once on board, we were allowed to
remove them.

One famous sight is Chipeta Falls. Named after a very accomplished
Native Indian queen.

At the end of the boat ride, it started to rain, so we huddled together
to stay warm.  We dried pretty quickly after that however.

Stephanie wanted a picture with our pretty park ranger.  Her Dad was
also a ranger, so she is following in his foot steps.

We were worried about the long hike out of the canyon and how Mom would
do, but she was fine.

After that, we stopped at Ouray and the hot springs.  It was neat soaking in
the warm water.

We all had a great time, but it looked a lot like a big hot water pool.  We would later
find another more natural looking hot springs.

After the hot springs we drove on another few hours to the Mesa Verde National Park.
The cabins were very nice and newly renovated.

We had dinner in the lodge of the cabins.

There are wild horses in the park, and they enjoyed being near the ice machine
on this hot day.  We would find out later they are a non-native species in
the park.

It was quite interesting to see the wild horses around.

Day 7
The next two days (7/1), we visited the historical sites and sights in the National Park.

The first site we visited was Cliff Palace.  It was a breathtaking sight to
see.  About 100 people lived here, and it was the center of their town.
Most lived 'on top' of the mesa, and farmed their fields.

This is the round ceremonial room with a fire in the middle.

Accessing the dwellings required climbing some tall ladders.

We had some meals in the Terrace Restaurant.

That evening was great for star gazing and spinning poi.  We even
saw the Space Station pass overhead!

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