Summer of 2010

Cheung Family trip to Italy

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July 9/Day 9: Return to Rome via Sorrento

We left Capri on the jet boat, but this time we were allowed on the top deck.  The result was an EXHILARATING ride to the main land.

Video of the day: The wild ride on the Jet Boat.

Arrival on the mainland.

Instead of returning to Naples from where we left, we went to Sorrento.

After getting off the boat, we got on some minibuses and went to the actual town of Sorrento.

We explored the street market in Sorrento.

Lots of stores and Mom bought a pair of sandals.

This is the view from the edge of town.

The view was spectacular.

We left Sorrento via the old Amalfi Drive on the sea side instead of taking the highway.  This produced spectacular views on a narrow winding road inside a huge bus....

After a few hours in the bus, we arrived back in Rome.  It is from here that we would board a plane to leave for Boston.  Before then, we spent some more time in the Eternal City.

We visited the Spanish Steps.  This is the fountain at the foot of it.

View up the Spanish Steps.

It was great to be here in such a historic city.

A unique privilege was for the bus to stop (in a clandestine manner) in front of St. Peter's Square and take a picture at night.

We opted in for the good bye dinner in the Mangrovia Restaurant.  While there, it became apparant that the same individuals also owned the Mino Restaurant, where we had our welcome dinner.  To our surprise, we also saw other Globus tour groups there that were having their welcome dinners that night.  It felt a bit surreal to know that they have ahead of them to travel we just experienced.

These are the other members of our bus tour group. 
The Benne's in the background and the Walsh's in the foreground.

The Gowdamarajans.

The Snyder and Chavez (foreground) families.

The D'Agostino's and the Ruther's (right).

The Zaino's with JD in far right.

Three of the 42 were not at the dinner as they split off from the group for their own side trip.

Nicholas our tour guide said good bye to all of us at this dinner.

We will never forget Nicholas and this fabulous tour.

The next day (Saturday), we boarded a Lufthansa flight to return to Boston Logan (via Munich).  We arrived the same calendar day, but 10 hours later.  Then, on Sunday, we flew via Southwest back to Baltimore.

This ends a month of travel that started with our trip to Aruba for my Knighthood ceremony.  We have seen great highs and lows during this month, and we were very happy to be home after such a long time away.

This trip to Italy has been really fabulous with amazing sights, great time with friends and family, wonderful meals, and magical experiences.  We are busy thinking which trip to take next.

At the Trevi fountain.

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