Summer of 2010

Cheung Family trip to Italy

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July 8/Day 8: Exploring the island of Capri

This big hand couch was in the hotel lobby.

The vehicles on this island are custom made.  The cabs number in the dozens only, and they all have this open air feature.

During the morning half of the day, we explored the beautiful villa of San Michele built by Axel Munthe.

This is the kitchen of the large villa.

It has an incredible view from the back yard.

Video of the Day: The view from San Michelle.

From here you can see the best known rock formations of Capri : the Faraglioni.
These are the three big rocks on the right.

After exploring the villa we returned to the sea level, and had a simple lunch bought at a local supermarket.  It was inexpensive and authentic.

After lunch, some of us took a boat ride around the island to view the famous grottos.  We arrived from the mainland at Marina Grande.

The boat ride was fun and exhilerating.

Some views of the island from the boat.

The boat was able to back up directly into the grottos.  Some of those on the bus touched land.

The boat passed through the arch of the middle rock formation.

Mom enjoyed the boat ride immensely.

We saw the Faraglioni up close.

This the green grotto.  A famous formation with green light from a cave.

That night, we did some more window shopping.  In this store, there are fishbowls shaped like fish.

We had a nice coffee at the hotel.

Dinner that night was at the Ristorante Longano.

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