Summer of 2010

Cheung Family trip to Italy

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July 6/Day 6: From Venice to Assisi

That morning we said goodbye to the Hotel Principe
and Venice.

In a city of canals, everything goes by boat, including the groceries.

We boarded the bus, and on the drive, we noticed some very unusual cloud formations that day.

Throughout the trip, Nicholas and Fabio took really good care of us.  Especially in the areas such as our bags and bypassing of lines.  We did not have to carry our big bags if we did not want to.  It was possible to put your bag outside your door on the travel days, and it would arrive at your hotel room door in the next city.  It was very seamless.  Also, for lines to be admitted into the big venues such as the Colosseum, the Vatican, etc.  They bought the tickets in advance, and we were able to bypass the big lines and enter into the group entrances.  The entire operation was very smooth from start to finish.

We drove south on the bus for a few hours to Assisi.

The town is also on a hill, so there were views of the countryside on the top.

The main arch for the town's entrance.

Video of the day : Town of Assisi.

This is the St. Clare Basilica.

We found to our surprise that Assisi is very beautiful, and
in my opinion the most beautiful town and city on the entire trip.

This amazing oleander tree decorates the front of this shop.

There is extensive use of stone in the buildings.

A picture postcard at every turn.  This town is gorgeous.

Look at the use of stone.  Just wonderful curves and arches.

This is our entire group in front of the Basilica of St. Frances.  The whole town is behind us.

We stayed at the Roseo hotel.  It is fairly new, and the nicest place in town.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we discovered that there was a film crew present to shoot a promotional video on the hotel chain.  They had brought in four of their best chefs to cook a meal for the cameras.  Since they knew our group was coming in, they combined our dinner and the photo shoot.  As a result, we were served a top-of-the-line meal that was excellent in every way.

Some of the selection of food of that night.  We had all kinds of dishes and desserts.

We were really impressed with the hotel and the food.

Part of the buffet line that night.

Tomorrow we visit the scene of a disaster.  What will it be?

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