Summer of 2010

Cheung Family trip to Italy

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July 5/Day 5: A full day in Venice

The room we had in Venice was amazing.  Right on the Grand
Canal, and at the top of the hotel.  The word "Hotel" is between
the two balconies.

We travelled from our hotel to the main square of Venice in style with this boat.

We had the front, and could see a great view.

This is the foot bridge that connects Venice with the rest of the world.  It is very graceful and made of steel.

The main square in Venice: St. Mark's square.

Our first place we visited on this day was the Doge's Palace.
This is where the president of Venice ruled the city state.

Part of the palace was a prison.  It connected to the rest of the palace via this bridge.
When the prisoners were sent there, they would have one final look onto freedom
via the windows.  As a result, this bridge received the name : "The bridge of sighs".

This is the view from the windows of the bridge of sighs.

View of the inside of the prison.

Note the carving here.  Probably of the prisoner.

We found a small place away from St. Mark's square for some lunch.

Time for some capuccino  8-).

Then, we had the afternoon to explore.
"We go here, then here, then...".

As long as you have a general direction, you can avoid being lost by heading to
a big landmark.  In our case, it was the train station.

One of the more famous bridges of Venice:  The Rialto Bridge.

.View from the top of the bridge.

Venice is full of great sights.

We also received a tour and demonstration at the Vecchia Murano (Old Murano) glass factory.

For dinner, we participated in the optional boat cruise to the island of Burano.  It also has a tower that leans precariously.

Video of the day: Boat ride to Burano (features Nicholas' voice).

The island's community is one of the most beautiful and does not have the massive crowds of Venice.

Two best friends.

This is the main street of Burano.

One product that Burano is known for is handmade lace.  This one takes about 6 months to make, and could fetch $1500.

Here we are on the way to dinner.

This dinner, along with the Tuscan dinner at the farm was our favorite two.  The food was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderful.

The risotto was excellent.  Probably my favorite dish of the entire trip.  This one was creamy (due to the rice itself) without 'cheating' by adding cream.

It has been an amazing vacation in Italy so far,
but will our luck hold out tomorrow?

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