Summer of 2010

Cheung Family trip to Italy

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July 4/Day 4: On to Venice after a stop in Pisa

Breakfast everyday was included in the tour, so it made starting the day very convenient.

View from my hotel bedroom.  Click for full size.

We travelled on our bus to Pisa, where we boarded this small train to the area
where the tower is located.

Here we are at the famous leaning tower.

So now we know who is responsible for this mess.

I did my best to topple it too.

Watch out Mom!  That tower is heavy!

Then back onto the bus to Venice!

We went to the hotel and checked in.  I lucked out big time, and our room was right
on the grand canal at the Hotel Principe.  We had two balconies on the top floor.

The room was great, and had two bathrooms and two balconies onto the Grand Canal.
Compare to this image from the hotel's website.

Video of the day: Hotel room and view of Venice.

This is the view from the balcony.  You could see and hear Venice up close.

View from the restaurant of the Hotel.

We enjoyed roaming around the islands, and it was easy to get lost.  You just
have to pay attention to the major signs.  To get back to the hotel,
we looked for signs to the "Ferrovia".  The train station is right
next to the hotel.

Watch out buddy!

The famous gondolas of Venice.

More of the famous canals and bridges.

Talking about famous, we saw the Osbournes ride a gondola.

We had dinner at the "Vino Vino" restaurant, and while we were there a huge thunderstorm
broke out.  We just stayed in and had more dessert and coffee  8-).  The location is
close to St. Mark's, but the prices were reasonable, and the food was good.

St. Mark's square at night.  It was a magical sight with very little crowds after the rain storm.

The next day, we end up in jail!

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