2009 - 2010 New Year Holiday

Winter vacation in Aruba

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This year Poets TV named me "Person of the Year".

Pete and Jayden up high at the Pizza Hut restaurant.

Note the ten 3kWatt windmills in the background.

We usually stop at Boca Prins for a bit of sea breeze during our drive-around

Here is Christopher at Boca Prins.

At the light at the North Point.

We visited Dad and Grandfather's grave as we usually do.

Robin is about to pull away and go fishing.

A typical scene of the north coast.  It is battered by waves and produces
a spectacular rocky coast.

Ah Mah has several papaya trees in the yard.

Kay and Jay Ming here with Ah Mah's prized mangos.  They are really
good tasting.

Ah Mah's chickens that roam around the backyard.

It was good to see Aggie's Mom this trip.  She was under cancer treatment, which
made her retain a lot of water.

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