2003 Disney World Trip

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At the MGM Studios, my son ran across this strange bottle and drank the contents.  He became huge!
It scared the construction workers around this big truck.  Luckily, it wore off, and he is my cute little guy once again.

Here with Pluto on Mickey Avenue in the MGM Studios.

My nephew meeting Pluto.

With Flik from the Bugs Life movie.

We stayed in two suites at the Orbit One time-share resort in Kissimmee.  We were in Suites
Mercury 1 and Mercury 3.  It was a great place to stay in with a stove and fridge and comfy King beds.
The three cars that we rented can be seen here, two sedans and a mini-van.

We spent the last day back at the Magic Kingdom.  Here we are on the access bridge to
the Grand-Prix race track.  One of my son's favorite.


One of the biggest hits was the Buzz Lightyear ride.  We rode it a total of two times.
Here the kids are in jail along with the villain.

Five of the six grand kids in front of Cinderella's Castle.

At the entrance to Mickey's Toontown Fair.

On the way to the Magic Kingdom we rode in the cockpit of the monorail train!  We had the best view of all the passengers.

My daughter showing off the card that was given to her for riding in the front.  Way cool!

We left on Sunday October 19 from Orlando, going our separate ways with some sadness.  But we
will allways remember with great fondness this week that we wished would never end.  No doubt this
will not be the last gathering of the Cheung clan.  Maybe Hawaii is next.........

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