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Disney Trip - Fall 2002

Next we visited the Animal Kingdom.

The most prominent feature as you enter this park is the Tree of Life in the background.

Up close to this big fella.  The rhino is pretty big too.

Our trip continues at my favority Disney World park : EPCOT!

Highlight of the visit included having desert (chocolate!) in the pastry shop in France.
Sorry, no pictures, we were to busy eating...

Visiting the 'Imagination' Pavilion at EPCOT, we shot this photo at the Kodak sponsored "What if" section.
Stephanie then added the captions herself.

The entrance to World Showcase had this lighted arch walkway that pulsated and changed
with the Christmas music.

Our last view of Disney World.  Compare this to our last view in the year 2000 (bottom of page).

This marked the end of our wonderful Disney vacation.  We had a great time, and
the kids wanted to stay forever.

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